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Related article: Date : Sun, November 25, 2007 December 11 51 -0800 From: Jan ' u003cjanmay699 icqmail. com u003e Subject : Conduct a niece (lesbian / authoritarian, g / f, g / FF ) Warning : This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts, including domination, incest, watersports and girls between women. If this type of content to be offended, or are under 18 years can not read. Note N Author : This story is the property of the author. You can n download personal reading pleasure or sending a a friend, but if you want to post on your own site s, please contact the author for permission. Copyright 2007 Jan, All rights reserved. Please send janmay699 icqmail. com if suggestions for future stories. Off Conduct a niece with Jan was a common practice for the parent company Cenia a down her sister 's house his mother, because both worked long hours. They had their own business and put in longHours. Usually go Isbet home of her aunt after school and stay with that, pick your parents. Many times, , which spend the night with her ​​aunt. Let it with his aunt, as they were so accustomed to , referring to his Cenia look that s even think to ask if he could leave much time n. If Cenia was 9 years old and in the fourth to just before Isbet House without calling the first night. Cenia had their own front door key and left in His job and a backpack with a change of clothes in the n is a paper bag. He went to the room to -drop their things as they normally did. While s to drop the bag on the bed, he heard a noise the bedroom door aunt next line n to the bedroom of her aunt to know what done. When he opened the bedroom door of her aunt was what he saw shocked. was a black woman who was much older to liebed with her ​​legs spread and her aunt n was kneeling with his head buried between the legs of women s is. She shook her head from side to side hand and makes all kinds of sounds off. that s were completely naked. Another elderly woman in black was spanking his ass hard and Order "Suck fucking black pussy. You know you love that old fool Preteen Nude smelly. " as Isbet busy sucking pussy did not realize that Cenia had opened the door. Cenia saw his aunt in the ass was red. the beating big black woman the ass ass in the air had a black belt at the waist with a black rubber hammer to there had to be as big as your arm Cenia. 's wife getting her pussy sucked gray s hair was cut close to your hair nappy. that was grabbing her big tits pinching her own broad nipples, as he told his friend. " Fuck you in the big white Donkey " Isbet not the woman who protest n been spanking his ass went to bed and placed rubber tail its aunt and aunt ass n Preteen Nude only complained frizzy hair pussy women. Cenia could not believe that this woman took all the monster cock of her aunt idiot. that quietly closed the door and returned to his own bedroom and closed the door from the inside. I could not believe what he had seen, or as as much affected. He sat on his bed and closed his eyes image in the eyes of three simple women and what they did. That is barely noticeable that was rubbing her pussy through her young wearing the heel of the hand. When realize what he did took the dress n and pulled cotton panties to the side for the game with her pussy bald. in silence when they learned of the women s move to the front of the house. No aunt know she was there until the next day. Never is Isbet realized that his niece an idea of what took place the night before. Could not resist Cenia plays with her pussy for next week, so that the point that their flesh was raw and swollen. while she was was masturbating in view of thinking for large women, black, of doing things to her aunt. Another week passed, and spent the n Isbet the night. His aunt was in the shower and Cenia could not resist the temptation to go to another look at the naked body of her aunt. Isbet was 28 years old at the time. impress a girl young man who was the best woman in the world. When in the bathroom n , asked his aunt if I could take a shower with it. To his surprise, his aunt said, "Yes " took off his clothes as fast as he could n and opened the shower door glass and entered paused for a moment his aunt body admired. His aunt has n short, dark hair with bangs irregular that sometimes in the way her dark eyes. that s face is a kind of reddish as a result of n with freckles on his youth. Your breasts are medium size and waist is small, but wide hips widen. your hips are so large that is done with your legs together, the light was visible between her thighs. Pubic hair the area had dark pubic hair. I had to remember Isbet close the door. of his aunt with a towel to clean set of all in your body. Cenia was so excited he wanted to pee, , especially when his aunt was washing pussy and idiot. Then, without notice Isbet said: "I am This means lesbian, I like sex with women s and girls. " Cenia confessed. " I saw you on the bed a pair of the week with two black older women. I play with my pussy was almost constantly each time da. " Isbet kissed her very tenderly. Even forced large tongue in the mouth Cenia. Isbet was not exactly to his knees in the shower and sucked niece pussy and licked her ass. Cenia Preteen Nude was fragile as a leaf in a breeze strong earthquake, but I was too young to climax. Finally Isbet and spread her legs to Cenia a explore her pussy and ASSHole. Cenia trying to do Isbet all you have to Cenia was so excited I hardly noticed n I was in the shower for so long that they had used all the hot water and water was s becoming progressively colder. He felt that he aunt big ass cheeks spread and discovers that her aunt's ass was very loose. You could see it in the gut. when his aunt, she turned her face intoxicated by the smell of the shell of her aunt. Isbet said, " Suck my tits baby. " Cenia had to get up to get her tits. that s sucking them for a long time. She sucked for so long pain of her aunt that her nipples. asked her aunt who suck hairy pussy. that s pussy aunt sat sucking the same had aspired to it. Tia finally the water and gave him back his niece and pasted the big ass and spread her ass with his hands as she asked : " my hot ass licking whore little. "N just, before reaching its climax, Cenia said, "Make a fist and stick your ass, honey. " It s been a difficult situation for the Cenia to enter , but she sat on the tile back to the backs of the aunt legs and put his head between his aunt the legs, allowing them to suck the pussy while thrust his fist in and outside the idiot aunt, for n aunt in the mouth to climax. She discovered that of his aunt was feeding hot juice from her pussy. that s aunt yelled " Fuck my ass fucking little fucking lesbian. " When her aunt that she climaxed control and was angry at the mouth. They said, "drink n all, bitch. " But it was to swallow Cenia too. All I wanted to do was, you ask your aunt. The water was too cold to go out so thoroughly the aunt just dry up and took her to his room with the face and the body is still the smell of her pussy and No pee. He continued to explore each others body as when they tried every freckle, mole, to learn by heart, scar and the gap. Cenia found that her aunt 's pussy was so great he could fist it. She fist of his aunt, pussy, until his aunt n lose consciousness. Cenia not want to go home dass The only way I would go home with the other Isbet promise that would never do love. One night after a long session of sucking pussy n , she asked her aunt as she discovered she was lesbian. Isbet began to tell her if still young. I was only eight years old when he in dance classes with her third grade in school teacher. laughed when she explained that her father ( Cenia grandfather) was a devout racist and is particularly unpopular with African Americans. "He has to accept that has a natural talent for music, though. The n let me take dance lessons for her. He would have died if ever it was, what else had to Teach ". " My parents let me go, I House of master dance classes. The teachera s big black woman with a big ass and tits to match. that s been 51 years old, but the only clue to his age was the gray spots on curly hair. She was always he said he wanted to have a good back. spent a lot of time putting his hands on my body me through dance steps to lead. Increasingly his hands touched my body in places that I said were private and no one touch me there. " Isbet said she really liked the way the teacher , who was playing. " Then, my teacher suggested to it would feel much more free if I dance performed without any clothes. I do not care ot the idea, her clothes in front of the n all. I undressed and watched dance because I know that once I had made a slip of my to have teachers in my body and my feet and hands where they belong. While the teacher s they do, would find a way to touch between n my legs and my ass. " " Over time they became bolder and began sticking hisFinger in my vagina. When I allowed to do that every time you wanted, which was brave enough to remove their own clothing and allows me to play a body. I found her very sexy. I was fascinated by my ​​teacher's huge breasts. You must have been FF or larger. They were as round as basketballs and the n is a nice golden color. If I raise both hands n Tits of my teacher before you see the skin was darker s on her tits. Her nipples were a dark brown chocolate that looked like they were so great as a dessert plate with large rubber nipples, begged sought. All my teachers had to do was n, I can threaten to suck her tits and I would do anything for them. " " She would sit in his favorite chair and feel return and demand that I kneel between his legs thick to suck pussy. Her pubic hair is kinky by curls. Her pussy was a strong odor all the time I loved it. In no time I had sex my teacher s of slaves. " " To prove to yourself that I am his slave sIt s had a girlfriend there when I went to my dance lesson next time. They told me to suck her pussy her friend and she was an old woman s. (You know the type , a skinny old black with a dry, fine and wrinkled skin. ) Lame There were at least 15 women who suck and I knew I had the pussy, asshole she \\ \\ s drinking his pee. Their age ranged from 40-65 Most of his friends was black , but some are Hispanic and some of them East. Sometimes when I got there, is 3 or 4 women would be there, and I had all the service of them. " " You could beat the shit out of my ass. All worked hard to make my pussy and extends idiot. I took a 7-inch dildo in pussy and idiot, before I had my first period. "He said Isbet " Cenia, I loved her great body. were much bigger than I was then. I not get enough of her big ass and huge tits. All had hairy pussy and her hair was too curly wire and exceptionr Hispanics and Asians. The weather was quite dark, but were straight. hair was not so fat oriental between their n legs, but there were plenty of runners. I had all the amenities n of them, until in my mouth to climax. I loved the flavor of the s the smell of their pussies and asses. " added that when he was in high school, s girls added white, Hispanic and Oriental in its vicinity age, his stable of sexual encounters. ' S exactly what s of the same old black woman with big asses and big tits were preferred sexual partner. was na admit, the older she is the youngest of the girls, who had n sex with them. Now, if such approval, began Isbet Cenia introduction to his friends. the first two the woman is presented, the two big black the women who were in the bed with her. both were were n married and had children. who also worked with Isbet. the two were in their fifties. If Cenia came to visit her aunt, as usual n and entered his house and was greeted by the sightof the two huge black women sitting on the couch totally naked. Everything about them was great tits s, nipples, nipples, ass, and even clit stood out from the lips of her vagina. Isbet even said, " Look at the size of these fuck of shit. " Cenia trust your eyes. the two the women and made them remove clothes Isbet came to them and suck her tits while she s stuck his fingers in her pussy n y Isbet. When he had enough to aspire her nipples grabbed her hair and demanded that eat their pussies and suck her clitoris. Preteen Nude So far Cenia had no idea that tall women, with a big clitoris exists. pussy hair was so different from his aunt, but she loved it. his hair rough and perverse. They even had hairs perverse around the holes in the ass. The smell emanating of their pussies and asses was much more of her aunt. Cenia did everything possible with the DREe of them. all tits sucking and licking her pussy asshole. Cenia Isbet took the cherry on the day. that put one of her dildos and strap -on fucking that s pussy while sucking a woman 's pussy Cenia n and when he moved the second wife stuck Isbet that dildo in her ass by first observed Cenia how his aunt took care of the submissive position in one of the women and shows how oral sex in 69 position. Then the second Cenia woman riding and lowered her pussy wait for your face, while they have both to them. The two women liked them and their aunt in the 69 position. You have seen a big boost from the fist fucking Isbet Cenia its two holes. At the time submitted and shared Cenia Isbet that a total of 10 women. Some of Preteen Nude them were girls or daughters of their itself, which is approaching the age Cenia. Isbet not enough of her little black hairless pussy. His mother was jthemselves as very excited to have the opportunity to to the taste of creamy white pussy angelic skin of the girl with dark hair. Cenia total was a lesbian. Sex was almost a daily occurrence and the age of 12 years was double penetrated n. It hurt like hell at first, but she has to use for her and even wanted. Over time, holes are stretched almost as much as her aunt. Now it aunt may be in its own hole. Currently, the two have found a woman that is 29 years old. She has two daughters. The oldest is 10 years old and the other is only 8 years age. Women have wider hips as Preteen Nude his aunt. Cenia comes out when the woman bends over and spreads her ass with his hands, so that s daughters can turn the face to put in the ass. She stuck her tongue in her vagina, while his nose pressed against her ass. then lick her way up and keep your tongue inside the idiot. Isbet was the next to take responsibility for the 8 Cenia years of age and ts than 10 years of age to the side to play , as he looked at the girl sucking Isbet pussy. Cenia did the same with the elderly. then changed the girls and made ​​all the more, while their masturbating mother when she saw her daughter, to have sex with another woman and a girl. The 10 years old was as good as pussy sucking Cenia. two other women, dated teenage daughters. It was a turning point in his watch dance dance with an aunt Cenia 15 years of age, with cunning of his mother. The four fingers of shit were each other while dancing. The dance ended with is a big fucking orgy where everyone sucks pussy, asshole drinking, urinating and even among themselves. as love, beating of the great black men and forced to suck girls' vaginas. Isbet be used as the dominant member of their relationship, but now sometimes Cenia the dominant role in their relationship. I hope you enjoyed the story and has a history that n to have said, please send your e- to janmay699 icqmail. com
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